Audio Recordings & Music vy Steve Bozzone, mostly for Chief City Recordings. If you are interested in collaborating, need music for your film or youtube clip, or need help with audio production, I’d welcome your contact.



Be the Rain (2016-2024)

Big Wheels (2017-2019)

New Zoos (2013-2017)

New Zoos – New Zoos EP

New Zoos – Old Notions EP

Shout Magic (2006-2009)

Shout Magic

Plenty – 2009

Ceiling Fan & Other Revolutions- 2007

Shout Magic Live at The Tritone, January 2008

RI & NOTV (2006-2008)

Khari-NOTVHere-today-gone-tomorrow hip hop collaboration based in Philadelphia and Baltimore.
Khari – Vocals, Steve – Guitar, Bass, Beats, Production.

Khari & NOTV – Listen to my Song (rough song sketch)

Khari & NOTV – Top Gun & Run

Khari & NOTV – It’s a Damn Shame Pt. 1 into Strange Fruit

Grubstake (2002-)

grubstakePhiladelphia via Boston duo, playing sludgey rockin blues, long-term project of Pat McHugh.

Press clip for Grubstake via Philly Weekly.

Sat., Aug. 2, 10pm. Free. With Dr. Tommy Thunder. Fergie’s, 1214 Sansom St. 215.928.8118.

Named for an arcane mining term, Grubstake have been hammering out mud-caked guitar-drum blues for about a decade now. Patrick McHugh led the band in Boston for much of that time before returning to his old stomping grounds in Philly and nabbing drummer/engineer Steve Bozzone to make a fifth album, Make an Animal Noise.

It’s another gritty, ground-down outing, with McHugh hollering about TV dinners and other mundane miseries on “Delaware” and trafficking heavily in spite on “Sophisticated Whore.” Most garage-rock duos putter out when they cease to mix things up musically, but McHugh’s been around long enough to know when to throw a wrench into the works. (Doug Wallen)

Selections from MAKE AN ANIMAL NOISE.

Grubstake – Intro

Grubstake – Get Rid of the Singer

Grubstake – Tuesday Evening

Grubstake – Awake at Night

Grubstake – Mating Call

Grubstake – Delaware

Grubstake – The Great Escape

More Grubstake:

Time Is Out (Live @ Z-Radio 100fest)

NOTV (2008-)

notv musicNOTV is my digital music alter ego. Mostly long instrumentals intended for use in movies or backing tracks. Portland & Philly.


Cocoon (2005-2006)

cocoon musicPsycho-rock trio from South Philly, 2005-2006. James: Guitar, Josh: Guitar/Vox/Production, Steve: Drums/Production


In The Kitchen

In My Eyes

Fermented Lettuce B

Annie Orphan

Whorothywhorothy (2005-2007)

Thrash Pop project between Philadelphia & New York City 2005-2007.

[1] IDK
[2] Tarantula Head
[3] SWED
[4] Untitled (with the mute button on)
[5] School Rools

Recording Credits & Notes:
Mark Perro – guitar, vocals, piano, engineering | Steve Bozzone – drums, police scanner, radio, vocals, engineering | Colleen Connolly – vocals | Josh Pannepacker – guitar on ‘school rules’ a funfest from April::

1 – asserting our existence with every breath when we are certain our ultimate end is death
2 – workingman ice cold
3 – salt shaker blues
4 – 2 + 2 = positive energy
5 – all you little

Recording Credits & Notes:
Mark – guitars, vocals, arrangements. Steve – drums, engineering Mark wanted to put down a few of his songs, got an EP out it.

Pure Ground (2004)

1 – Meditation
2 – Scream
3 – Black Pepper
4 – Reel Time

Recording Notes & Credits: Instruments: Arrangement by Steve Bozzone and James Thorsen. Instrumentation by James.
Engineering: Recorded and mixed by Steve & James in December of 2004 at Chief City White Plains.

We explored sounds around us

Bozz1 (2000-2007)

A few experimental solo recordings by Steve Bozzone,

Audio Arrangement for Bike Part Art Show 2007

Shooting Bucks County


JSJ TRIO (2003)

Demo Tape I

Song 1
Song 2
Song 3
Song 4
Song 5
Song 6
Song 7

Recording Notes & Credits:
Instruments: Jay – Guitar, James – Guitar, Steve – Drums
Engineering: Recorded and mixed by Steve in the summer of 2003 at Chief City White Plains.
Notes: Found our old analog 4-track practice tape we were using to recruit bassists and vocalists during the summer of 2003. After 6 months of heavy practice, we never played a show!